Medigap Plan B

The Medicare Supplement Plan B is also known as Medigap Plan B. This plan is available in all states including Nevada. The Medigap Plan B offers the same benefits that Plan A does. In addition, the Medigap Plan B also helps pay for Medicare Part A hospital deductibles. This is a huge benefit, as the deductibles in 2017 are $1’316, and will likely be more next year.

The hospital deductibles are classified as a per-incident deductible, and it is not an annual one. Which means this is a huge benefit that you can gain with the Medicare Plan B. So no matter how many times you use it, your Medicare Plan B will cover the cost.

For instance, Jane has a heart condition, that forces her to spend a night in the hospital in February. Then she is again admitted to the hospital in June for the same heart condition. As her hospital days are 60 days apart, she will normally be paying $1316 in deductible cost that is twice as much. Fortunately, Jane is covered under the Medigap Plan B policy in Nevada. Which means both deductibles will be covered under the plan. So the semi-private room stays she enjoyed in the hospital were free of cost.

However, her policy does not cover foreign travel or other excess charges. To gain access to them, Jane needs to buy in a plan that offers these benefits.

Medigap Plan B Covers

● Medicare Plan B Hospital costs and Coinsurance costs – after the Medicare benefits are used up, you can enjoy an additional 365 days of benefits.
Medicare Part B Copayment or Coinsurance.
● The first three pints of blood are covered under it.
● Part A Copayment or Coinsurance of Hospice care.
● Medicare Part A deductible.

Difference between Medicare Part B and Medicare Plan B

The Medigap Plan B is a supplement plan, that is purchased to help individuals offset their medical expenses. However, it’s not the same as Medicare Part B, which is an outpatient medical coverage plan, that you have to purchase from Social Security in Nevada. Anyone who wishes to enjoy the benefits of Medicare Part B outpatient coverage needs a supplement plan to help them pay for areas that are left blank by the Medicare plan. As they are similar many people tend to get confused. Which is why we advise you read up all the information available.

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