Medigap Plan A

Medicare Supplement Plan A in Nevada is also referred to as Medigap Plan A. This plan is mostly overlooked as it does not offer a wide range of benefits when compared to other Medigap plans. However, the Medigap Plan A offers one of the most important benefits, and that is 20% of outpatient Medicare care. This cost is not covered by Medicare but is covered under Medigap Plan A.

The Medigap Plan A is available to all residents of Nevada that are of age 65 and above. However, there are a number of disabilities that can automatically qualify you for Medicare before you turn 65. These individuals can apply during the open enrollment window but will be paying 3 times of what a 65-year-old will be charged. This is because individuals who qualify for Medicare before 65 due to a disability have higher medical costs.

This is one of the reasons why individuals on Medicare disability plans, might want to look into the Medicare Advantage plan. As the advantage plan, the payment plan is the same regardless of their gender, age, etc. With this in mind, when you do turn 65 years old, you can change apply for Medicare during the open enrollment plan, and change to a supplement plan that suits your needs the best.

However, if you are over 65, the Medigap Plan A will cost you just as much as any other supplement plan would. Even so, this plan is not chosen by most, as people are more interested in plans that offer them more coverage.


Medigap Plan A Covers

Medicare Part A Hospital costs, and coinsurance – once your Medicare benefits are used up, you will be covered for the next 365 days under this plan.
● You will be covered for Medicare Part B copayment or coinsurance.
● First 3 pints of blood will be covered.
● Part A Copayment or Coinsurance for Hospice Care.


Difference between Medicare Part A and Medicare Plan A

There are times when people looking into Medicare plans in Nevada are confused between Medicare Part A, and Plan A. They feel it is the same thing, we would like to clarify that it is not. As the Medicare supplement plan A is a supplement plan. As a supplement plan, it helps in filling the gaps that are not covered by the Medicare Plan A. The Medicare Plan A is the Medicare hospital coverage.

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