Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)

Medicare Supplement Plans are available in every state. They open during a one-time enrollment window, and if you apply during that window you will be eligible to purchase a Medicare supplement plan. In addition, it will not matter what your health status is if you applying during the enrollment window.

Here we have listed down a few features of the Medicare supplement plans in Nevada:

● If you are looking to get Medicare Part B, then you must be enrolled in Part A Medigap policy as well.
● These supplement plans only cover one individual, and cannot be shared with your spouse.
● Medicare supplement plan can be dropped at any time.
● It does not matter what health conditions you develop, you will continue to get supplements.
● Medicare supplement plan is not affected by the annual election period for drug plans.

Enrollment Period

The best time to buy a Medicare supplement plan is during the open enrollment window. This period begins on the first day of your birth month when you turn 65 years old. During the open enrollment period, the company is not entitled to ask you any questions regarding your medical health status. They cannot turn you down, because you have health conditions, or charge you extra on any pre-existing conditions.

However, after this window has passed, you can apply using an insurance company that offers Medicare supplement plans in Nevada. These companies might decline your request, as the end results are based on your health condition. Which is why the open enrollment window is the best time to apply for a Medicare supplement plan.


Medicare Supplement Plans in Nevada

Some citizens delay enrollment in Medicare as they are covered by a group health insurance, that is paid for by their employer. When they retire, they lose that coverage and have to purchase a Medicare supplement plan. Such individuals asked to apply for Medicare during the first 63 days, once their employment ends. This is another guaranteed enrollment window, and your request will be accepted in no time.

There are a number of circumstances that can lead to guaranteed acceptance. For instance, if you move out of the state, you will be guaranteed a small window during which you can apply for a Medicare supplement plan in another state. The law might vary from state to state, so it is advised that you check with your state before you cancel your plan. Some insurance companies might need proof of old coverage, which is why you should carry your old documents with you, in case you decide to move.

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