Medicare Parts

How to Apply for Medicare

For some people, Medicare enrollment is automatic, but for others, the process depends on if and when they’ll be eligible. Mainly, that depends on if you truly qualify for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B or Hospital Insurance and Medical Insurance respectively.

When to Enroll

1. If you are now receiving your retirement benefits

When you are three months away from your 65th birthday and not ready to begin your monthly Social Security benefits just yet, it’s always better that you use our online retirement application to enroll in Medicare. You will then apply for your pension benefits later. Remember, when you delay receiving your retirement benefit until after hitting 70 years accumulates and thus increases your retirement benefits.

2. If you are receiving disability benefits

Moreover, people who are already 65 years and are disabled, as well as those suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease, do qualify for it. It is also true for those suffering from an end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and is currently undergoing dialysis. These three routes are basically the determinants used in gauging of one should apply for Medicare or not.

How to get started

1. Signing Up for Medicare
2. First, make sure that you are eligible.
3. When you are eligible, check if you can sign up automatically or manually.
4. Learn the various parts of Medicare; Part A and Part B – and what they cover.
5. If you don’t qualify for automatic enrollment, sign up for Medicare online via
6. You can additionally contact Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 or make a personal visit to your local Social Security office.

Choose your Coverage

There are two primary ways of getting yourself a Medicare coverage – Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan (Part A and Part B or Part C and Part D). Some coverage offers multiple benefits, including Medicare prescription drug coverage and Medicare Supplement Insurance. Remember, there’s a penalty for late enrollment.

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