Medicare Part E

Medicare Part E

Medicare, as per, is a government-initiated health insurance program suitable for senior citizens (65 years and older), as well as a unique group of individuals. There are the four main parts of Medicare, and then there are other plans to supplement it. One of the further plans is Medicare Part E, which despite being unofficial, justly deserve plaudits.

The major benefits of the first three include coinsurance (for Medicare Part A), copayments (for Part B coverage) and prevention (under Medicare insurance). And, in addition to Medicare Part E offering all these, it guarantees the realization of Medicare Part A deductible benefit, preventative care of Part B and even extends to those who aren’t covered by Medicare.

It chips in to fill in the gaps and offer coverage for some aspects that aren’t available in Medicare, including deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments. Basically, Medicare Part E suits those traveling outside the US.


Facts specific to Medicare Supplements

1. It is a “supplement” which means that you must be having both Medicare A and B.
2. You can still have this supplement, despite having a Medicare Advantage plan.
3. Premiums for Medicare Part E are charged differently from the other plans.
4. They only apply to one person – not both as a couple.
5. They can be purchased from any licensed insurer within your locality.
7. They also require guaranteed renewal.
8. Selling the plan is illegal.

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