Enrollment Time Periods

There is a special enrollment period during which you can signup for Medicare. There are a number of periods, and you should know when is the right time for you to enroll. Most Medicare plans are taken on as soon as people turn 65, but there are other and it could do you good to know them.


1. The Initial Enrollment Period:

This is the first window during which you can enroll in a Medicare plan. This is 6 to 7 months long and starts on the birthday month of your 65th Birthday. Or if you are receiving Social Security disability benefits, it will start on the 25th month. Even if you other insurance covering you, you must consider Medicare plans and decide accordingly.

2. The General Enrollment Period:

This is considered as the makeup time and is for those individuals who failed to enroll during their initial enrollment period. This General Enrollment Period starts on the 1st of January and ends on the 31st of March each year. However, you might be charged a penalty for enrolling after your initial enrollment period. However, once you have enrolled your coverage will start on the 1st of July of that Year.

3. The Special Enrollment Period:

During this period you are allowed to enroll in Medicare, and even change your coverage plan. This is outside the standard enrollment period, and there is no penalty charged on it. There are a number of special enrollment periods, and you can apply to the one you fit keeping in mind your circumstances. As each Special Enrollment Period has rules, guideline, and timings you must follow.

4. The Supplement Open Enrollment:

This is a supplement Open Enrollment period offered by Medicare, and it can be added to any Original Medicare. It does not matter what time it is, you just have to be enrolled in Medicare Original Part A and Part B. This offers “guaranteed issue rights”, and is available only a few times. If you apply outside the Supplement Open Enrollment Period you will have to pay more, and could even be denied coverage.

If you are still confused or you need to get more information on the matter, it would be best to call a Medicare office. As they will be able to offer you more information on the matter and will be able to direct you on the right path according to your situation.

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